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Probate is a court supervised process to administer the assets and liabilities of certain decedent’s estates providing a mechanism to transfer probate assets to heirs at law or beneficiaries under a will.  Letters of authority are issued by the Court to an executor named in your will or an administrator generally in cases where the decedent did not leave a will.  The probate process is not as dreadful as often publicized.  My experience in administering estates can alleviate the common fears and misconceptions as well as expediting this legal process.  A variety of planning techniques during lifetime such as survivorship accounts, TOD or POD designations, beneficiary designations or trust arrangements can cause assets to pass to intended successors or beneficiaries free of the probate process.  I can assist not only in the front end planning to avoid probate but also with any requirements in order to administer and transfer any non probate assets.