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A divorce is where the parties list their assets and liabilities for the Court to administer. The parties request temporary orders concerning residential parenting status, parenting time, child support and healthcare for the minor children. The temporary orders are accomplished through a 75N Request at the time of the filing of the divorce with the Court. The parties can also come to an agreement as to the division of the assets and liabilities and then present their agreement to the Court either by way of Separation Agreement or an Agreed Entry as to Property. With the Separation Agreement, the parties can also decide the residential and non-residential parenting issues. The parenting issues may also be addressed through a Shared Parenting Plan as described above. Each County has its own forms that requests information to be filed with either a dissolution or divorce. I have provided examples of those documents for Butler, Clermont and Hamilton Counties with this page. All of my clients complete the forms prior to their first meeting in order that we might efficiently administer their cases.